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Friday, July 31, 2009

Nice hindi songs

watch 'Padosan' - 1968 -full movie

A simpleton named Bhola (Sunil Dutt) falls in love with his neighbor Bindu (Saira Banu). To impress her he wants to sing to her. However, he isn't a good singer, so he uses the help of his friend, Guru (Kishore Kumar).

Guru is a famous singer and he agrees to help his friend. While Guru is singing in the back, Bhola mouths the words to songs. Bindu is charmed by what she thinks is Bhola's singing. They both start to become friends and fall in love.

Bindu has a music teacher named Master Pillai/Masterji (Mehmood). He is also in love with Bindu & is always proposing to her. Bindu loves Bhola so she refuses Masterji. One day Bindu finds out about Bhola's lie. She is very upset and refuses to meet Bhola.

In an angry rage, she decides to marry Masterji. They both prepare for the wedding, while Bhola thinks of a way to get his Bindu back. On the wedding day, Guru gets an idea. He makes Bhola pretend to have committed suicide. He puts a fake note next to Bhola.

Bhola has a noose around his neck and a chair next to him. Guru goes and tells the news to Bindu. She is shocked. She leaves her wedding altar and runs to Bhola. She reads the note and starts to repent. Bindu then tries to wake Bhola up. Bhola wakes up. Bindu is delighted.

She tells Masterji that she wants to marry Bhola and he agrees. Bhola and Bindu get married.

The End.

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